Setting the Atmosphere

As prophetic dancers, we can set and even protect, the atmosphere for ministry.

As a man or woman of God, we can consecrate the area and the atmosphere.  Having said that though, we must realize that our own life styles plays into this.  We have to be consecrated.  We have to be clean.  We have to be empty of agenda and be totally surrendered to the Almighty.  

With clean hands, mouth, and heart:

We can encircle the area while praying in the Spirit.  Listening to the Lord for insight on what may be about to come against the particular meeting.  We can see in the Spirit and head-off an attack before it gets a foot-hold and pray and speak protection over the meeting, the people and their minds and stop the enemy in his tracks.  

By starting out designating and consecrating the area to be God’s, we draw a line in the sand by the blood of the Lamb and the words of our mouths AND our actions.  

Phase I

I would suggest fasting a meal or a day (or many) before the event.  Arrive at the venue very early.  Walk the property and pray.  Then go inside and walk the ministry room (I would walk clockwise - see my teaching on circles- unless the Holy Spirit directs otherwise.)  Begin to praise Him verbally.  Take your flags and begin to wave them.  Worship the Lord and proclaim His authority over the place and ministry event.  Play music as God directs and dance walk the room, with and without your flags as the Lord leads.  Sometimes the Lord leads us to weeping and praying, and even repentance (for ourselves or for others), sometimes to declaring, sometimes to rejoicing.  Follow the Lord’s mind as He directs you to help set the atmosphere to His direction and liking for that particular event.

Once you feel a release it may or may not be time for the ministry event to start.  Govern yourself accordingly.


Phase II

One way you can begin the meeting is:

If allowed by your covering, begin the praise and worship by walking, dancing, and waving flags around the room.  (As yielded vessels to the Lord, the purpose for this is not "showing out", but that we usher in the will of the Holy Spirit.) Continue to “lead” worship by your example of praise.  If allowed by your covering, there may be individual ministry (verbal and dance) even this early on.  Seek the Lord and listen to His direction.  Be careful though that you do not step out of the authority you were given by your covering, or the House you are in.  

This is a very important warning:  The Lord RARELY asks someone to step outside of his realm of earthly authority.  It could happen, but as a practice, NEVER overstep the liberty given to you by your leaders, or the House you are in. 

Many times, my leaders would have been fine with a certain way I might minister, but the House I was in WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN and therefore I must restrain and respect the House I am in.  God does not force Himself on those that are not willing or not ready.  If you notice that things are being quenched, then later in your prayer closet (speaking to no one else about it) bring your concerns to the Lord.

This type of ministry support should be available to your House leaders as the ministry event continues.  Watch and listen to the Spirit to see when, or if, you may be useful throughout the service or the at the ending of the event.

The main thing is to be clean yourself, be willing to be obedient to the Master, to be aware of what the Spirit of God is doing, and not to overstep your authority as you are fulfilling your purpose.


© Jeanine Lynch 2012



The Lord RARELY asks someone to step outside of his realm of earhtly authority.  It could happen, but as a practice, NEVER overstep the liberty given you by your leaders, OR the House you are in at the time.

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