Understanding Movement: 

Nathar  -- Undo


A dancer moving in the gift of prophecy can do intercessory warfare with their dance, and break bondages and set captives free. 

In order to understand the power that our movement by the Spirit can have, we must look at certain words for movements in the Word of God.

Just like we can tap into the Holy Spirit any time, at will, we can choose to tap into the Holy Spirit and operate authoritatively in the dance.  I'm saying that we can, on purpose, come against the enemy of God, with our movements as well as, with our mouths.  What I'm not saying is that we should cause interuption, or distraction by our actions.  Everything is to be done decently and in order and stay in line with the rules of the House you are in at the time.

Hebrew word:  Nathar   =    Undo
Strong's   5425

1.  to start up, tremble, shake, spring up, leap, to cause to start up

2.  to loose, let loose, undo, be free, be loose, shake off, 

            a.  to unfasten, loosen; to set free, unbind, untie, pull out

            b.  causatively, to terrify, shake off; drive asunder

            c.  to break down, overthrow, destroy


A Few Scriptures:  

Isaiah 58:6   Is this not the fast that I have chosen:  To loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo (nathar) the heavy burdens, to let the oppressed go free, and that you break every yoke?

Job 6: 9   Would that God were willing to crush me, that He would loose (nathar)  His hand and cut me off!

Habakkuk 3:6   He stood, and measured the earth;  He beheld, and drove asunder (nathar) (in this case, made to tremble, cast them out) the nations; and the eternal mountains were scattered….

Psalm 146:7  Which executeth judgment for the oppressed: which giveth food to the hungry.  The Lord looseth (Nathar) the prisoners.

Exodus 23: 13  You must break down (Nathats) (Strong's 5422) their alters, smash their sacred stones and cut down their Asherah poles.

Nathar has to do with DELIVERANCE!  This is a literal jumping and shaking.  This is a way to gain VICTORY!  Movement used by an anointed person by the Holy Spirit  has purpose.

Anointed jumping or shaking-off movements terrify the enemy, causing a loosening and therefore a shaking off of bondages.

When a Spirit-filled person dances/moves under the anointing – understanding their authority- and that person jumps, leaps, shakes, pulls down or unties, he shakes off the enemy and unties the oppressed individual.  Satan must go! 

Ultimately, our goal as prophetic dancers is to learn how to: 

reach the lost;  heal the sick, wounded, and brokenhearted; open spiritual prison doors and set captives free; and to proclaim the Word and desires of the Lord  –

All, initially and powerfully in our own lives, and then to go forth with the same attained liberty and effect the lives of others.

A note:  “Although praise and worship are powerful weapons of war, applying them in word or dance does not create a foolproof (mini) formula. One cannot simply say, 'Praise the Lord,' and have all his troubles disappear. There has always been great prayer, faith, fasting, humility, and intense study of the Word, along with true heartfelt praise and secret-place worship, that caused the praises and declarations of God's people to be powerful weapons against their enemies.!”  Lynn Hayden

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Spirit filled, anointed dancers can set the enemy to flight with their movements!

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