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 Consecrating a Space to Jesus with Dance:   Circles


As believers, and particularly as prophetic people, we are supposed to affect change in the environment (everywhere we go).   As prophetic dancers, in particular, we should change and set the ministry environment so that people can receive. 

We know that people bring in all kinds of spirits and attitudes when they enter a room.  As prophetic dancers, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to change the atmosphere.  To put the atmosphere "on point" for everyone to enter in and receive what the Lord has for them.  

We can do this in many ways.  Sometimes we have the opportunity from the beginning to set the atmosphere.  Sometimes, whether it is at the beginning or halfway through,  it is warfare….  Warfare movements are another subject.

If we are walking as prophets, then our movements mean something;  our garments means something.  We are bodily symbolic of the message for Jesus.   As prophets, if we wear something black, we may be  about to stomp down sin.   If we wear red, we are ministering the Anointing, the power of God, the blood of Jesus.  

Likewise, with our motions, If we use slashing motions, we are cutting something, breaking a stronghold in the atmosphere.  If we use digging motions, we are digging something up, etc.  (There is more teaching on movements, on my site judahdancewear.com, under Teaching #1.)

But, specifically connected to consecrating a room or an area, one reference would be the Israelites circling the walls of Jericho (Joshua 6).  They were doing a prophetic act as God had asked them.    Every time they circled, they were consecrating that area to God.  Every time they obeyed, something happened within themselves too.  They circled (Cabab: Strong's 5437 - encircle, change direction, transform) once everyday, until the seventh day, that day they circled seven times and ended with a war cry shout.  There was a reason for the number of times they circled Jericho too. By the end, they had circled 13 times.  This number in Hebrew is HaShema.  Deuteronomy) 6:4 Hear, O Israel: HaShem our God, HaShem is one:  This declares that not only is HaShem one, but that HaShem is one and that there is nothing in existence besides Him.  HaShem means "self existent" or "eternal", according to Strong's 3068.  They were declaring that God and God alone rules and is in charge.  Thirteen is the number that means the bonding of many into one.  So, we also have all the Israelites coming into one mind and one accord.  Hmmm.  That's a teaching of its own, isn't it.

Encircling also connotates "surrounding" in the sense of overcoming and overwhelming someone or something.  Cabab is used in these scriptures:  Psalm 7: 7; 17:11; 32:7; 32:10; 48:12; 49:5; 59:6; 88:17; 109:3; 118:10 -12 as a sense of overwhelmingness of presence.  And these references are just from Psalms.  Surely, as prophetic dancers we want to consecrate our ministry location, so clearly and overwhelmingly to Him and for His purposes.

When God blessed Abraham, He told him, that everywhere his feet touched would be his.  As an act of faith and also prophetically, everywhere our feet purposely consecrate, belongs to the Lord.  (Of course, I believe that everywhere we go as prophetic people, the area is the Lord's.  Because we carry Him with us and we are supposed to be moving in His power and authority, we should be effecting the environment everywhere we go. We should be tearing down strongholds and we should be healing people.  Help us Lord to walk in your power all the time.) But we are speaking specifically.  Abraham was specifically told that everywhere his feet touched would be his and his descendants property forever.

Then in Old Testament, when they cut covenant, each of the parties walked between each other.  When God cut covenant with Abraham, He walked in between the sacrifice.  So in replication of our Father, we deem that purposeful walking can signify holy ground.  The difference is that now, we carry His anointing and holiness.  So by our faith and obedience to "calling things into effect," we consecrate places to the Lord.  We don't have to wait for Him to show up.  Moses took off his shoes because he was in the presence of the Lord and standing on holy ground.  Well, we carry His presence with us all the time now, so we can signify by our actions, that the ground (the area) that we are walking on is holy unto the Lord.

We ascribe "clockwise" as a forward motion, and "counter-clockwise" as a backward, or an un-doing motion --not only because of the forward motion of the clock, but because it bears witness in the Spirit.   I find this article, Motion Aftereffect, very interesting.  It states: "Your brain represents a sensory quality, such as motion, brightness, color or depth, not in terms of the firing of one group of neurons, but in terms of the electrical activity of one group of neurons relative to the electrical activity of another group of neurons. For example, the activity of neurons coding for clockwise motion relative to the activity of those coding for counterclockwise motion.  Clockwise motion is signaled by the fact that the neurons (in your brain) coding for clockwise movement fire more strongly than neurons coding for counterclockwise motion."  Is it hard to believe that God wired us to move forward and not backwards?

From this article Clockwise, shows that even in math clockwise seems to be a positive movement:  "In a mathematical sense, a circle defined parametrically in a positive Cartesian plane by the equations x = sin t and y = cos t is traced clockwise, as t increases in value."  From the same article:  "Before clocks were commonplace, the terms "sunwise" and "deiseil" and even "doecil" from the Scottish Gaelic language and from the same root as the Latin "dexter" ("right") were used for clockwise."  Of course, I am just giving you some reasons why something spiritual can be understood.  There are many prophetic acts that I might not be able to explain.  Somethings have to be known by experience and relationship with God.

Sometimes prophetic acts are general and are useful all the time; sometimes when we hear from the Lord to do a specific prophetic act, it may be for just right then, and right then only.  

So it is important to hear and to know.  But just as they had Schools of the Prophets in the Old Testament (I Sam. 19:18, II Kings, 2:3; II Kings 2:5, II Kings 4:38), so that they could learn how to be prophets, so do we today have to learn how to walk the prophetic life so that we can more efficiently demonstrate the power of God to the people.  As prophetic dancers, we have a great opportunity to demonstrate His voice, and set the captives free. 

Nahum 1:15  Behold on the mountain the feet of him who brings good news, who announces peace!  Celebrate (chagag: move in a circle, march in a sacred processional, observe a festival, to dance, to be giddy, to keep a solemn feast, to reel to and fro) your feasts (feast is also chagag -- so it could also read, "dance your dances o praisers."), O Judah… For never again will the wicked one pass through you; he is cut off completely.





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