Teaching #1  Basic Information about Prophetic Dance and Why it Is Biblical

Teaching #2  A Dancer's Heart: Character and Integrity

Teaching #3  Understanding the Five-Fold Ministry   (Key to understanding the Office of the Prophet and/or Prophetic Ministry)

Teaching #4  Understanding Movement:  Consecrating a Space to Jesus with Dance:  Circles 

Teaching #5  Understanding Movement:  Nathar -- Undo

Teaching #6  Understanding Movement:  Ekkopto -- Cutting Off/Striking

Teaching #7  Setting the Atmoshpere, For or At an Event

“Although praise and worship are powerful weapons of war, applying them in word or dance does not create a foolproof (mini) formula.  One cannot simply say, 'Praise the Lord,' and have all his troubles disappear.  There has always been great prayer, faith, fasting, humility, and intense study of the Word, along with true heartfelt praise and secret-place worship, that caused the praises and declarations of God's people to be powerful weapons against their enemies.!”  Lynn Hayden  Dancing For Him



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