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WE are now offering an online one-year Dance Minister's course, and a one-year Dance Ministry Teacher's course.  

These are available online and at your own pace.  You may study to receive a Certificate only, or to receive an accredited Bachelor's or Master's degree.

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-and follow the easy steps on the right side of the page to get info or to get started.  OR

For information please contact me, Apostle Jeanine Lynch.


When we dance, we represent the true and living God and He is not blind, boring or design-challenged. Therefore we should not be limited to a white skirt and a fluffy, top. Praisewear should be anointed, creative and beautiful, reflecting God's nature.

My garments were born out of a prayerful request to the Lord for praise, worship, and prophetically inspired dance designs that would be lovely (and comfortable) no matter the size of the wearer.

The garments and colors you wear as you minister in dance make a declaration in the Spirit realm.  Therefore, to accomplish your vision for your ministry, I will work with you and fill your order on an individual bases to help you effectively "speak" the message the Holy Spirit gives you.

Our garments are modeled more after dresses than leotard-ed outfits, making them lighter, cooler, and easier to take on and off.
We have tops that are just tops, not leotards, but plenty long enough to tuck into your tights, skirts or palazzos. 

We've personally used this idea of the non-leotarded dress approach for years and just love the ease that comes from the simple "leotardless top and bottom" designs.  So please, view our Store to see all that we have to offer.  I would love to serve you.

Ap. Jeanine


Garment Designs, Art, Teachings © Jeanine Lynch

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We are glad you came to see our original praisewear designs.

All of our garments may be ordered in a fabric and color to fit your needs. 

Each garment is prayed-and-declared-over in the Spirit before it is shipped to you.

Sizes available from Large Child to Plus Size Women. 

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